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Pankaj Overseas
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About enterprise Pankaj Overseas

Please do allow us to have the privilege and the pleasure to introduce our organization to your esteemed self.

However, we do understand that any organization would talk positively about oneself, but the very core of our existence is in commitment, delivering what is promised and saying only as much as is explicit about us.

Steered by the vision and energy of it's founder Mr. Kashmiri Lal Garg, Pankaj Overseas was Incorporated in 1977. Since then we have been a name synonymous with success and accomplishment. Having a turnover of US$ 4 MILLION, we have always believed in clarity of vision and the quantum of energy that propels the company. The various departments of the company are coordinated in such a way that optimum efficiency is obtained.
Apart from producing a wide range of fashion garments for number of Clients, from chain stores to Haute Couture Boutiques, Our Company specializes in Ladies wear, Children wear and scarves The Company can handle both knit and woven fabrics with ease.

Product range - 

Ladies Casual Wear
Ladies Evening Wear
Ladies Night Wear
Children wear
Export markets
We believe in the policy of expansion and working in diverse international environment. Gaining a foothold at the global level with an increasing pace.

Product Quality - 

Our Quality Quality production is a challenge, which individual garment must depict and meet international standards. All stages of product engineering are well planned and every style is reviewed from manufacturing aspect from the sampling stage itself. Trial runs for every style are carried out to remove any complications which may arise at the production time. Targeted productivity is monitored as per the commitment of the critical path to meet both quality and timely delivery. Pankaj Overseas is continually adding to its quality base in terms of excellent fabric material and Designs/patterns of garments and accessories. As manufacturers and exporters, we are considered the pioneers in the Fashion Garments segment and have been able to constantly use innovative designs and ideas. A regular improvisation in the Quality has transformed simple fabric into beautiful ready to wear pieces. And with us, the process still continues. We have Quality Control Department which is active at every stage of Production. It ensures that fabric is Weaved correctly and there is no mistakes in any of the process till the final packing of shipment. We have a team of dedicated workers to ensure quality at each and every step of making of our Product.

Way of Working / Departments :-

1. Sourcing of Raw Materials: Sourcing and Ordering of Raw Material is done by the Directors themselves in order to have the best Raw Materials which can provide best Outcome of Our Products.

2. Product Development: Product development best mirrors our intentions to create and innovate as per International trends and Buyer’s customized needs. A dedicated team is proactively engaged in preparing seasonal ranges and interpreting the trends in styling, fabrics and value additions for our valuable customers. All our Products are AZO Free and Colors fast. We also follow the REACH NORMS. The designs of our products are modern and according to current fashion trends and the final finish - EXCELLENT. Added to this, is our highly capable and skilled workforce, working with dedication and contributing their overall experiences towards the product development.

3. Merchandising Team: Our Merchandisers are responsible for sample developments as per designs received from Designing Team and Also new designs and inspirations received from various Buyers. They co-ordinate with our Printing and Dyeing suppliers or weavers in India to get the Sampling or Production done on time.

4. Production Department:
Production department receives the Instructions from Merchandisers and Works as per program Schedule for Production.

5. Finishing & Packing Department:
It consists of various departments like Washing Department, Checking Department, Packing Department and Final Carton Packing Department. All Workers are divided in these departments as to ensure that each department is taking care of their work and responsibility in order to smooth functioning of every step involved in Production till the final Packing.

6. Shipping and Accounts Department:
Our Shipping and Accounts Department ensures to send the shipment as per buyer’s need, whether it is on FOB or CIF Basis. They keep track of Goods with the shipping company so as the Goods should reach the Buyer’s destination on time.



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